Basic Rules of Chart Analysis

Let us now begin with the basic rules used in 紫微命理.

  1. Ranking of Stars:

The system of 紫微命理 uses ‘stars’ to ‘tell’ a chart. The number of stars that can be used total over 100+ stars. These stars are graded according to ranks. The higher the rank, the more influence it has when it is found in a sector. To make a accurate ‘reading’, we will require only to use 32 of the highest ranking stars that this site will try to cover in the most concise and easy way possible. The later chapters will explain these stars in more detail. The aim is not to explain these stars in totality, but to give the most important features of the stars so that one can use it to make a ‘reading’ after going through this site. This site is not meant to provide a textbook about 紫微命理 , but it is meant to interest you in this topic and continue to research into 紫微命理.

You will find that 紫微命理 is like forming a painting in the mind using the stars. The more u know about the stars, the more u can visualize. I think it is not necessary at this moment to know the exact rankings of the stars, but just understand that the stars listed in this book are the most highly ranked. I will try to make it easy by splitting the stars as below:

  • 14 major stars: 紫微廉贞武曲七杀破军贪 狼太阳太阴天同天梁天府天相巨门天机

(these are the main stars that form the charts)

  • 6 helper stars: 文昌文曲左辅右弼天魁天钺
  • 6 aggressive stars: 擎羊陀骆地空地劫
  • 4 wild cards: 化忌化禄化权化科
  • 2 additional stars: 天马禄存
  1. Brightness of Stars:

The stars are graded according to the brightness of the stars. The brightness can be conventionally split into 5 levels.

  • 庙: Level 5, the brightest
  • 旺: Level 4, bright
  • 得: Level 3, just enough brightness
  • 平: Level 2, dim star
  • 陷: Level 1, star with no brightness

Each star has their own brightness. Easily put, the brighter the star, the better it is. Each star has their own characteristic, and with a brighter star, the better qualities of the star will be shown. The dimmer the star, the better qualities of the star will not be shown, the bad qualities will be shown instead. You will have a better understanding of this statement when we go into each star explanation. But the most important rule for a accurate reading is to understand this concept of brightness of the stars. The cut off between a bright star and a dim star is level 3 and 2. Level 3 is acceptable, while level 2 is a dim star. So, if a star is level 3, it still have good qualities showing, while a level 2 star will have bad qualities showing already.

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