Introduction to a 紫微 chart

This chapter is an introduction to a field of life analysis known as 紫微命理 ( Purple Star Life Analysis ). There are two main ways of life analysis now that uses one’s date and birth time.

  1. 八字命理 (Eight Characters)
  2. 紫微命理

八字 (Eight Characters) uses the date and time of birth to create 8 characters that is analysed to determine one’s life and luck periods. 紫微 also uses the date and time of birth, but a 12 sector chart is created instead. The 12 sectors lists out 12 parts of a person’s life that is important. Within each sector, different stars will be plotted into the sector based on the date/time of birth. The stars have their own character, and the stars impart their character to the sector that they fall into. Thus, to understand 紫微 analysis, one must have a good understanding of the stars. With this knowledge, and a life chart, anyone can quickly analyze a life chart with relative good accuracy. I will give a brief description of the 12 sectors that can be found in a life chart.

  1. 命宫 (This is known as the ‘ life sector’. It will give a rough understanding of the person’s personality as a whole, the person’s character)
  2. (This is known as the ‘parents’ sector’. It gives a understanding of a person’s parents, what they are like, their character. It also lets us know how the person’s relationship is with their elders)
  3.  (This is known as the ‘mental wealth sector’. It gives a understanding of whether the person can enjoy a leisurely life or hectic life. It is also known as the source of a person’s wealth, thus it gives us an indicator of whether the person can earn money easily)
  4.  (This is known as the ‘property sector’. This gives as an indication whether the person can have ‘property’ (non-movable assets). Also let us know what his family/work place is like. This sector is also known as the vault of wealth, thus it gives as indication of whether the person is able to save money)
  5.  (This is the ‘work sector’. It gives us knowledge of what type of work the person is involved in. It also shows us how well the person can perform in his work. This sector also gives us an indication of how well the person will do in his studies)

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