Ten Year Luck Reading

The Ten Year Luck Period is one of the most essential aspect of chart reading. Ten Luck periods are in 10-year blocks. If the life chart is plotted from the computer, the luck periods will be written at the bottom of each box. E.g. as shown in the chart below, there are numbers at the bottom of each chart, 4-13 means the luck period from the age 4 to 13 (Chinese age: a person’s Chinese age is usually 1 more than his actual age, thus the actual luck period is from 3 to 12 years of age). And the rest of the luck periods run as shown using the age provided in the chart.

The luck period means the type of ‘luck’ or what the person will experience in the 10 years period of his/her life. We must take this in context together with the stars in the various sectors reflecting the potential of each sector, and the 身宫 for the focus in life.

But the quickest way to assess a person’s chart is to look at the person’s important courts, which are work (官), external court (迁), wealth (财). These courts give the person’s potential for these areas , and together with the Luck periods, we will know the person’s life quite well.

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