Sidetrack from Zi Wei: An Age of Young Men

Sidetrack from Zi Wei: An Age of Young Men

Dear all, it has been quite a busy time for me this period, which explains my in activity on my website and forum. Do bear with me. I will try to answer all the emails as soon as i can.

But for today, just some thoughts on the Headlines of The Straits Times ( Singapore ). MM Lee Kuan Yew and SM Goh Chok Tong decided to step down from their posts yesterday.

When i read this, it brings to mind that this is Period 8 , which to people who practises fengshui will know it as youngest man in the family, a mountain covered with mist, etc To me, it is just a Age of young men. Since starting of early 2000, this age his started, which showed a renewal of young man showing up on the world stage as well as all aspects of life, and will last till another 10 years +

Period 8 has a direction, which stands for North-East, which many will point and say that part of the world will start to prosper from early 2000s..

Just some random thoughts.

Anyone interested to know more can ask me over the forum or email.

I will try to reply soon.