Learning to ‘picture’ Stars in 紫微: Energetic vs Stable Stars

Learning to ‘picture’ Stars in 紫微: Energetic vs Stable Stars

I will try to let everyone understand the concept of ‘picturing’ of stars in ziwei. As we now know, stars are plotted into the various courts of ziwei, and with the stars residing in the courts, the courts come alive with the stars imparting their quality and characteristics to the courts. This is the most important aspect to understand: the Liveliness of the Stars.

A simple way to judge the stars even before moving into their individual characteristics, is to grade them according to their level of ”energy”

Thus one look at a court , and when we see a certain star, we will know what kind of activity is in the court.

The stars can be simply divided into energetic ( even to the point of unstable ) and stable stars.

Energetic stars will bring lots of energy to a court, but with it comes much activity, much life changes. Thus, it things work out well, it will bring the person to a higher level, but unfortunately, if it works out “bad” , the person can end up in quite a bad state and bring much Instability. And within the Energetic stars, the stars can be split into the more energetic ones and the more stable ones ( very much like the concept of yin and yang, but i am deviating ). So, we know there are a group of energetic stars, and within them you have stable ones and more energetic ones.

Below i will outline the energetic stars first:

七 杀,破 军,贪狼: These are the most energetic of the the stars. Commonly described as warrior stars, and stars of change. Courts with these stars generally have lots of energy, but just a different quality depending on the stars involve.杀 is firm, persistent and will quietly accomplish a task like a quiet killer in the night,破 is the most dramatic, will do all it takes to accomplish a task,狼 is a diplomat, but still gets the job done. Thus , these stars in a court will bring changes, sudden energy to the court, but on the downside, more issues, more problems if things turn out wrong. Thus instability can be a feature as well.

紫微,廉贞,武曲: These stars are the stable stars within the energetic stars. In terms of energy, these are still energetic stars, but definitely more stable than the above. Courts with these stars will have more energy and changes do come on, but not as dramatic in changes as the above stars. Thus we have stability among energetic stars.

The next group of stars are the Stable stars, these stars do not have as much energy as the above stars, thus being stable is a feature, but it can also means more difficult to get out of a ‘bad’ situation. Imagine you are in a stable environment, and it is not good for you ( stable does not mean good or favourable ), it will be difficult to move out of it.

And among the stable stars, we will have more energetic stars as well. Thus in this case, changes occurs in a gentler environment, as compared to the above, where stability occurs in a harsh environment.

Lets start with the stable stars:

天机,太阳,天府: These are the stable stars, but these stars are the energetic stars among the stable stars.

天机 is about change, movement. But people tend to mis-understand this star and start placing it next to 七 杀,破 军,贪狼. As explained,七 杀,破 军 belongs to energetic stars , and is at the top of the energetic stars ( when events start to change with 七 杀,破 军,贪狼 , it is a whirlwind , like a storm as you walk through it) while 天机 is actually a stable star, but also filled with changes ( but in this case, it is about changes occurring under s sunny sun, a more gentler environment , unlike a storm ).

太阳: is like a sun. Outgoing, shining on others, giving.

天府: is like a bank, conservative, but itself is like a bank, full of activity , transaction.

The next group are the are MOST stable star:( but stable may not mean good , as mentioned previously )


太阴: is the moon. Whether it is full moon or moon hidden behind clouds, it is still a quiet environment and thus the stability that comes with it. Inherently, if the moon is bright, the night will be nice, environment lighted up . But if the moon has no brightness, the environment will be dark and cold, and frankly, it will be impossible to change the environment.

天同: is like a child, and child-like characteristics is imparted to the court. Easily understood.

天梁: This is about elderly luck, like a elder taking care of people. However, it always seems to come at a cost. We tend to need help only when something happens. Thus imagine a stable environment with issues , you are in it, and because the surrounding is so still and unchanging, you will feel quite helpless and basically you will feel like you cannot get out, until elderly/noble luck comes along.

I will elaborate on the remaining 2 stars :巨门,天相 in the next post. These 2 stars need special mention as you will find out in the next post.

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