The Stars 巨门 and 天相

The Stars 巨门 and 天相

After going through the concept of ‘energetic’ and ‘stable’ stars for the earlier post, i went through 12 of the 14 stars, stating their’energy’ level. Now we will deal with the last 2 major stars:巨门 and 天相.

Both of the stars are considered as ‘stable’ stars, but 天相 is considered a energetic star among the ‘stable’ stars with 巨门 is considered a stable star among the ‘stable’ stars.

天相 is described mostly as a prime minister, second most of the time, never first in the court is stands, but it imparts a certain among of authority in the court it stands, depending on brightness.

巨门 is as its name implies, a BIG DOOR. It then depends on which side of the door you are standing. If you are always on the outside, you will never know what is happening in the house, thus most situations are like waiting for things to happen. but if you are inside and looking out, then you know exactly what is happening on the outside.And this star no longer gives much issue, but you will now have the upper hand and will know what to do. Thus to have 巨门 in a court can be a double edge sword, if one looks and plans, it will be quite a good star, but if one lacks the planning , it is just waiting for issues to occur. As it is a stable star, when issues occur, people will feel trapped, unable to change situation and commonly it is trouble through ‘ the mouth ‘

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