Meaning Of Courts In 紫微

Meaning Of Courts In 紫微

As mentioned in the Introduction to a 紫微 chart , there are 12 sectors in a chart that can stand for various courts like 命宫,父, etc that states the important parts in one’s life. Most books will tell you these courts stands for your parents, wife, etc…

I will now try to bring another perspective of a 紫微 chart here. One important fact we must understand is that not only do the 命宫 represents the person, the whole 12 sector chart also represents the person, whose Birth Date and Time is used to generate the chart. So, what does that mean?

Here is the part most books never talk about or try to bring out to you. The different courts represents what that sector thinks/feels about the person, since the whole 12 sector chart represents the person as well,eg;

  1. 命宫 represents the person, and it actually only represents the character of the person, the inner self of the person, which most people may not see or understand. Sometimes the person himself may not even know what his character is like.
  2. 父 represents a “snap shot” of what the parents are like, but more accurately, it represents what the parents think of him/her and what their relationship is like.
  3. 迁 is the external court, which is what the external environment is like, but more accurately represents what people think of him/her when they first meet the person, the First contact Impression.

4.友 is what the friends are like but more accurately describes what the friends think of him or her.

thus this principle works for all the courts that can be found in the 紫微 chart.

Doesn’t that add a new dimension to the chart…

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